AGM – 2019

AGM – 2019

Rahat’s AGM is an annual event that all the team-members look forward to attending.The event kick started with a

discussion on the importance and relevance of building a “CULTURE”. A culture that suits and accommodates the growth

That we are witnessing in our organization and also one that we all be proud of. This discussion was followed by a management

presentation that lasted for almost 2 hours i.e. by Rahat and Gautam. The presentation encompassed all that we have achieved in 2018-19 and also highlighted the action points that are relevant for producing yet another spectacular year. The management presentation was followed by a presentation by our UK office and we spoke at length about the possible impact of BREXIT on logistics business, if that were to happen. In the second half of the day, it was all about number crunching as we set forth our Budgets for the year 2019-20. Towards the evening we had a prolific trade speaker i.e. Mr. Yashpal Sharma speaking to Team Rahat on the importance of customer service in logistics. It was quite a session as people were listening to him with rapt attention.

The evening was all fun as our HR and creatives spearhead i.e. Shruti Sachdeva organized a Bollywood theme get together and we

could witness our team-members moving around in bollywood style ensembles and performed on the stage too.

Overall a day to remember for long!!!

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