AGM – 2018

AGM – 2018

The Annual General Meeting at Rahat Continental is treated like a Bible. All commitments made on the figures are discussed in detail and need to be honoured. During the meeting, various aspects of business like sales, marketing, finance, products, services, human resources were all discussed thread bare. All the head of departments gave presentations and discussed the year that went past and also the budgets for the year ahead.

The operating results were announced during the meet and the budgets for the year ahead were also discussed and firmed up. During the meeting, the top performers were acknowledged and a certificate of performance was given. The human resources at Rahat Continental is always the centrifugal point and much emphasis is given on employee retention and development. An open house discussion as the finale of the AGM was a brilliant platform created for the team-members to speak out their day-to-day work issues and the management collectively resolved them.

Post the AGM and towards the evening, all staff members were invited for cocktails and dinner and they surely had a blast and made it a night to remember at the banquet hall in Hyatt Place, Gurgaon.

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